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1. IMG_6569.JPG

Uploaded by: WeatherWise Cuma Şubat 10, 2017 Danville, VA

2. Penumbral Eclipse

Uploaded by: aSigiam Cuma Şubat 10, 2017 Plano, TX

A fine treat after yoga. Finished just in time.

3. Moon 123

Uploaded by: DonClapp Cuma Şubat 10, 2017 Seattle, WA


4. Penumbral Eclipse

Uploaded by: gilg72 Cuma Şubat 10, 2017 Taos, NM

This after Moon rose up above heavy clouds. If it's there it's very hard to see by this time.

5. 99 Percent

Uploaded by: gardner48197 Perşembe Şubat 9, 2017 Ypsilanti, MI

99% Full Snow Moon at Sunset – February - Since the heaviest snow usually falls during this month, native tribes of the north and east most often called February’s full Moon the Full Snow Moon. Some tribes also referred to this Moon as the Full Hunger Moon, since harsh weather conditions in their areas made hunting very difficult. -Farmers Almanac

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6. Evening Moon in St. Augustine

Uploaded by: Talkingrock Perşembe Şubat 9, 2017 St. Augustine, FL

Unexpectedly mild temps for February and a bright moon highlight a quiet evening walk in St. Augustine Florida.

7. Late Night

Uploaded by: whaler3 Pazar Şubat 12, 2017 Tuscan, NY

8. Halfway to the Halfway Mark

Uploaded by: Kennebunker Salı Şubat 7, 2017 Fayetteville, NC

This sunset view provides some nicely spaced markers to help track the northward progress of the sun towards equinox. The clouds provided just enough diffusion of color for a pretty sunset tonight, too.

9. Joshua Tree

Uploaded by: den117 Pazartesi Şubat 13, 2017 St. George, UT

Mojave Desert Joshua Tree Scenic Byway, St. George, UT

10. Sunrise at Sloan's Lake

Uploaded by: billeguerriero Cuma Şubat 10, 2017 Edgewater, CO

Sunrise at Sloan's Lake in Edgewater, CO

11. Fog in valley

Uploaded by: CharissaH Çarşamba Şubat 8, 2017 Bayfield, CO

Valley Fog on 501

12. Hawkeye sky

Uploaded by: glenhallgren Pazartesi Şubat 13, 2017 Council Bluffs, IA

13. February snow

Uploaded by: mind20set16 Pazartesi Şubat 13, 2017 Herkimer, NY

Heavy layer of snow fell upon the evergreens during our Sunday storm.

14. A Patch of Blue

Uploaded by: kippic Cumartesi Şubat 11, 2017 Gold Bar, WA

Baring Mt. Stormy Clouds.

15. Sun Up

Uploaded by: Railheel Cumartesi Şubat 11, 2017 Rutherfordton, NC

Sun coming up on Turkey Roost this morning.

16. After the Sunset

Uploaded by: mandy80 Cumartesi Şubat 11, 2017 Beaver Dam, WI

I was just about to leave to head back home, but I noticed a peachy color to the clouds after the sun had set. I told myself to stick around two more minutes just in case anything happened. I'm so glad I did. The sky absolutely lit up for a few minutes.

17. Color behind twin pines.

Uploaded by: Thebarbster Cumartesi Şubat 11, 2017 Beaverton, OR

18. Missouri Valley East

Uploaded by: Nikongranny Cuma Şubat 10, 2017 Shenandoah, IA

Park's Butterfly sculpture in tonight's sunset.

19. Sunset on the Eastern Plaines

Uploaded by: wximagery Cuma Şubat 10, 2017 Colorado Springs, CO

20. Sunrise over Patchogue Bay.

Uploaded by: GPdriver Cuma Şubat 10, 2017 Patchogue, NY

21. snow

Uploaded by: cdsviews Pazartesi Şubat 6, 2017 Columbia (Seattle), WA

22. Beauty After the Beast

Uploaded by: SVLover Cuma Şubat 10, 2017 Fort Jones, CA

Water receding after the floods in Scott Valley. Beautiful morning after!

23. Post Office Square

Uploaded by: weatherpope Perşembe Şubat 9, 2017 Boston, MA

24. Dusk

Uploaded by: ichbinhier2 Pazar Şubat 12, 2017 Imlay City, MI

Almost two inches of snow fell in half an hour after an all day mild weather with almost 40°F.

25. Inversion Mirage

Uploaded by: katy99780 Salı Şubat 7, 2017 Tok, AK

Frigid (-32°F, (-36°C)) air trapped against the ground by a warmer layer aloft, creating a strong inversion and subsequent 'trick to our eyes'. The road ahead does not actually make a steep incline, but the strong inversion has created a strong mirage.

26. Sunny Irredesent Clouds!

Uploaded by: jlync Cuma Şubat 10, 2017 Palm Bay, FL

27. Red Tinged Cloud Bank

Uploaded by: revmtnjoe Cuma Şubat 10, 2017 Buena Vista, CO

We had very windy conditions this morning, and I suspect this cloud bank that is black and red tinged is the result of winds passing over the mountains behind us since it remained stationary - perhaps the result of orographic activity.

28. Quiet Evening

Uploaded by: platinum2 Cumartesi Şubat 11, 2017 Trinidad, CO